The End of *Hamrah’s Story

This was the back cover ad for the program of the 2013 Al Khamsa/CMK Convention & Symposium. We’ve seen a cropped version of this photograph before, but the uncropped version, showing the crowd admiring *Hamrah, is new.

This picture shows *Hamrah early in his career, ridden by Said Abdallah at one of Homer Davenport’s farm social events. The studbook record of *Hamrah ends with his 1923 and 1924 foal crops–three fillies bred by Mrs John G Winant. The story picks up in Northern California, when Mr. Winant retired the horse with his fellow WWI pilot, noted stockman Phillip G. Smith. *Hamrah was bred to the local mares, and lived to the age of 32.  We owe this information to Mr. Smith’s niece, Louise Pryor Charles, who owned one of *Hamrah’s half-Arab get.