Fathers and Sons

Sometimes a resemblance carries through the generations; sometimes an entirely unique individual makes his or her mark. Last September while visiting Davenport breeder Betty Ball, I was struck by how familiar certain young horses are, even when I’m meeting them for the first time. Although this post focuses on stallions, it’s important to not overlook the tremendous influence our mares have on this program. However, too many pictures can overwhelm — links to pictures of mares (where we have them) are included.

Starting almost at the beginning, Sir (Tripoli x Dharebah) 1958 grey stallion


Clearly one of the foundation stallions of the Davenport breeding program, Sir is pictured here at age thirty.

Bred to the second foundation mare Dhalana, pictured below, Sir produced the influential stallion Lysander.


Dhalana (Salan x Dharanah) 1950 grey mare, pictured as an aged mare.

Lysander (Sir x Dhalana) 1966 grey stallion.


Lysander is a dominant influence throughout the Krush and Core Haifi families of Davenports — Junes Air, Desert Air, C-Lysara, Javera Thadrian (Triermain CF), Ionian, Audacity (Audobon), Demetria, and Lydian all trace to Lysander. From here we can follow footpaths to many different destinations — great dams, amenable stallions, family groups, et cetera.

For now, please enjoy Lysander’s son, Dubloon CF (Lysander x Decibel) 1988 grey stallion, an older gentleman, and Dubloon CF’s 2008 son, Gilad Ibn Dubloon (Dubloon CF x Genuine Tes LD), a young fellow with many years ahead of him.

Dubloon CF


Gilad Ibn Dubloon

Gilad Ibn Dubloon

Dubloon certainly shows qualities from Decibel, dam of many of the non-Fasal Core Haifi family. And Gilad Ibn Dubloon is no exact replica of Lysander or Sir — Genuine Tes LD is making her way into the mix. But it is a fun parlor game to play — to see glimpses of the father in the son, and in the son.

Decibel: Decibel (Dharanad x Dixie) 1974 chestnut mare
Genuine Tes LD: Genuine Tes LD (Tesio CF x LD Genisis) 2002 bay mare
For more pictures of Dubloon CF, visit his album.
For more pictures of Gilad Ibn Dubloon, visit his album.

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