About Us

Homer Davenport and his wonderful Arabian horses are historical figures, but their influence runs right down to the present. A group of people who found their lives enriched by the descendants of Davenport’s 1906 importation wanted to insure that others would always have the same privilege and rewards. Friends, created and linked by their mutual admiration for these horses of the desert, burned midnight oil, exchanged long phone conversations, email, and horse stories to birth the Davenport Arabian Horse Conservancy. Won’t you join the fun?

The Davenport Arabian Horse Conservancy is a 501(c)3 non profit corporation founded in 1994. Each owner or custodian of a Davenport Arabian is a de facto member of the Conservancy.


The purpose of the Conservancy is, through educational, research, and charitable activity, to enhance public awareness and appreciation of the Davenport Arabian horse as Homer Davenport knew it, with emphasis on its usefulness, aesthetic merit, historical tradition and appropriate place in contemporary Arabian horse breeding. The term “Davenport Arabian Horse” is defined as a horse which traces in all lines of descent to the horses registered by The Arabian Horse Registry of America as imported directly from Arabia to the United States by Homer Davenport in 1906. Read more about the horses.


The Conservancy has worked towards advancing its mission of preserving Davenport horses by, amongst other activities,

  • Keeping Davenport’s book of his importation, My Quest of the Arabian Horse, in print as The Annotated Quest
  • Participating in “Davenport Days” at his hometown of Silverton, Oregon
  • Participating in symposiums dedicated to preserving historic bloodlines, such as the Davenports
  • Maintaining a private email list for Davenport owners and custodians in order to foster a sense of community
  • Publishing an anthology of Davenport articles, preserving group history from being lost
  • Maintaining davenporthorses.org, with an online database of all Davenport horses