DVD: Films From Craver Farms




This DVD contains footage from Charles Craver’s films of his horses over the decades. It begins with some footage taken in 1957 (6.3 minutes), which includes film taken of his first Davenport horses and other horses of his and other owners.

Charles made three composite films of Davenport horses. The first 1961 film was spliced together in three sections (8.49, 10.14 and 8.05 minutes), and included footage from 1956-1961. Horses are identified.

Craver Farms 1971 Film. This film is in two parts, with mares (12.33 minutes) first and stallions (13.52 minutes) on part 2. The stallions are labeled. This film became magenta with age (the wrong raw film) and so the footage had to be desaturated. Horses are labeled.

Craver Farms 1981 Film. (37.18 minutes) This film was flooded in muddy water in 2003. It was professionally cleaned, but the damage is obvious, unfortunately. Work on this film took nearly five years. It uses silent footage from the Kellogg Library, 1926-31 and still photos to include the 1906-1910 era. Horses are identified where possible. We had a musical score that we used with this, and a voice-over script. The script is included on the DVD as a PDF.

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