Davenport Arabian Horses: A Collection of Articles


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In 1893, before there was even an Arabian Horse Registry, Homer Davenport saw his first real Arabian horses at the Chicago World’s Fair. In 1906, Homer realized his boyhood dream of traveling to the desert and buying Arabians directly from the Bedouin horse breeding tribes. The Davenport importation provided one of the foundation bloodlines of American Arabian horse breeding. It is the privilege of the Davenport Arabian Horse Conservancy to salute the Davenport Arabian Horse and the people devoted to it by publication of this anthology of articles so that they might not be lost, and so help preserve the Davenport Arabian horse itself for future generations.

Edited by Jeanne Craver for the Davenport Arabian Horse Conservancy. Anthology of articles about Homer Davenport’s Arabians and their descendants. Hardback, many rare photographs, 266 pages with Index of Horses.

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