*Haleb as rendered by Homer Davenport

Sketch of *Haleb's head, by Homer Davenport.

More than a hundred years after the importation, it’s amazing what relics still turn up on the Internet. This sketch of *Haleb by Homer Davenport was done inside the flyleaf of a copy of The Morgan Horse and Register. Credit to Heritage Auctions for the scan.

Sketch of *Haleb’s head, by Homer Davenport.

The text reads: “Haleb” my imported Arabian horse that won the “Justin Morgan Cup” Rutland Vt 1907. Haleb is a solid brown 14-2 weighing 960lbs. A Maneghi Sbyel, bred by the Sebba Anazeh. Imported to America as a 5 year old in 1906, by a special Irade of Abdul Hamid, Sultan of Turkey. Homer Davenport, NY, 1909