New Edition of “THE ANNOTATED QUEST” Coming Soon

Homer Davenport’s book, My Quest of the Arabian Horse, published 1909, is one of the classics of Arabian horse literature. It has started many a breeder on an informed study of the Arabian horse and has had an important influence on the development of the concepts of pure Arabian breeding which have furthered the breed in America.

In 1992, a new edition of this book, titled The Annotated Quest, was published. This edition included annotations to provide clarification for the contemporary reader. A significant amount of historical information from sources not available to Davenport when he wrote, as well as many additional pictures, were added.

A new edition of The Annotated Quest entitled Homer Davenport’s Quest of the Arabian Horse is scheduled to go to print this fall. This updated edition will include newly researched material, more annotations, and new high resolution scans from the Arthur Moore photo album. The larger format (8.5 x 11) will better portray the color pages.

This project, undertaken by the Davenport Arabian Horse Conservancy, is getting close to completion. Only a limited number of books will be printed, so pre-orders are strongly recommended.

Please place your requests with checks made out to DAHC and mail to DAHC Treasurer, 1736 S. Farmingdale Road, New Berlin, IL 62670. This edition will be priced at $50 each plus shipping of $5 per book. Questions? Please contact