(foaled 1924)
by Grace Dashiell
Arabian Horse News(?) 1950

The J.G. MacConnells have a pleasant ranch home near the foothills not far from Chatsworth, Calif. Close by there is a stable, corrals, and a pasture where they keep a small band of Arabian horses, headed by the white classic Arabian stallion, Dhareb (AHC-537), which they purchased from the W. K. Kellogg Institute in 1932. Dhareb, now 26 years old, is one of the few old classic stallions of “all-Davenport” bloodlines still living.


Dhareb’s sire was the famous Letan who was a favorite of Will Rogers since he was an excellent stock horse. His dam was Moliah who was bred by the Hingham Stock Farm.

Dhareb’s four grandparents, *Muson, *Jedah, *Hamrah, and *Wadduda, were all imported by Davenport in 1906. Davenport’s 1908 catalog states that *Muson was a horse of spectacular beauty. He descends from the famous “Listening-mare” which warned her Bedouin master of the approach of raiders which struck that night and only the mare and a few escaped. Thus the name was given Kehilet Muson, or “listening horses”. *Muson created a sensation in Madison Square Garden in 1907 when ridden by Buffalo Bill the first two evenings of his Wild West Show. He was much admired in the exhibit made before President Theodore Roosevelt and his guests. *Jedah was a brown mare of Sheykh Aba Hassan. She was taken from the tribe of Jedah who got her from the Shammar. She was a remarkable walker, according to Davenport. *Hamrah was considered one of the best of the importation by Davenport. He was a beautiful golden bay of immense power and fine action. Without any preparation and never before having run at top speed, when only three in an impromptu mile-race, he ran the last quarter in 29 seconds. Many who saw him preferred him to any of the importations. His dam was the beautiful *Urfah.

*Wadduda, a chestnut mare, was foaled in 1899. Her dam, a Seqlawi Jedran, was owned by the Anazeh. Wadduda means “affection and love.” She was the war mare of Sheykh Hashem Bey and was his present to Akmet Haffez, ruler of the desert, who later presented her to Davenport. Thus you can see that Dhareb has a most unusual and most interesting pedigree.

The MacConnells formerly owned the mare, Antarah (AHC-834), who produced several foals for them during the years; a couple of them being the mare Aneysa (by Farana) and a two year old grey stallion by Dhareb, which they still own. [Probably Dharantez foaled 1947] They also have the three bays, Beerahd, Chibaba, and Dhareban (No. 5617) by Dhareb and out of Aneysa.


Many remember having seen lovely Dhareb in the Trail Class being ridden by Mrs. MacConnell in the first All-Arab Show at Flintridge in 1945. When Dhareb approached an unfamiliar log, he extended a foot and rolled the log cautiously before proceeding. Once seen, he never would be forgotten.

Children often visit Dhareb. They are safe on his back and he is a gentleman at all times. Suffice to say, he is the dearest thing in the lives of the MacConnells.

[Note: Dhareb was the sire of the 2nd Foundation sister-mares, Dharebah and Dharanah, and their full brothers El Alamein and Dharantez.]