Preserving the Bedouin Horse — Charles Craver’s Contribution (Part II)

by Joyce Gregorian-Hampshire
copyright 1987 by Joyce Gregorian Hampshire
Khamsat: Vol. 5 Num. 1 Jan. 1988

[Author’s Note: in the following article, Al Khamsa horses are printed in capital letters, e.g., ARABESQUE, LADY FAIR. Those Davenports known as the “Second Foundation” horses have their names bold-faced as well, e.g., TRIPOLI, DHAREBAH.]


The story of TRIPOLI has been told many times. Charles insists he did not say he felt like Howard Carter opening Tut’s tomb when he found the chestnut stallion, but he was certainly appreciative of the horse’s potential. (A potential which only increased with time: when TRIPOLI died in 1977 he was in his thirtieth year and of the forty-nine Davenport foals registered to his name nineteen were born 1976-1978, sired on his daughters, grand- daughters and great-granddaughters.)

TripoliIn 1956 Charles acquired DHAREBAH (DHAREB X ANTARAH) and DHALANA (SALAN X DHARANAH) and in 1957 DHAREBAH‘s full sister DHARANAH, DHALANA‘s dam. By 1959 these three mares bred to TRIPOLI had produced the stallions ARAMIS, OBERON, SIR and PRINCE HAL as well as the mares ALASKA, PORTIA and FAIRY QUEEN, all influential animals. Thus in a few short years a viable nucleus of Davenport breeding had been established at Craver Farms.

There was another important breeding to TRIPOLI at this time: the mare EHWAT-ANSARLAH who foaled to TRIPOLI in 1958 and 1959, the mare TRISARLAH and the stallion TRIAN. EHWAT-ANSARLAH is the “Second Foundation” progenitrix of the Hadban-Inzihi strain. Her owner Liz Paynter made considerable effort to see that her mare bred on within the Davenport context. Paynter was thus the first of many breeders directly supportive of and contributory to the renaissance of Davenport breeding.

To quote from Charles Craver:

“Beginning in 1955 the breeding of Davenport Arabian horses was re-established from what was left of 49 years of successful but more or less haphazard reproduction of the bloodlines involved.”

Of the few straight Davenport horses then alive, sixteen became known as the “Second Foundation”.

First, the Stallions:

1. TRIPOLI (HANAD x POKA), 1948 Chestnut Saqlawi-Jidran bred by Pat Payne, sired forty-nine Davenport foals at Craver Farms 1957-1978.

2. EL ALAMEIN (DHAREB x ANTARAH), a 1943 chestnut Kuhaylan-Haifi, was bred by J.G. MacConnell and exported to Canada. Charles leased him as an aged stallion and sent young PRINCE HAL to take his place. EL ALAMEIN, though old and blind, sired fifteen Davenport foals of highest quality. 1965-68.

3. RALF (KOKHLESON x HALLOUL) was a 1945 grey Hadban-Inzihi. (Please see Pedigree Notes in the 1983 Al Khamsa Arabians for a discussion of HALLOUL’s pedigree. In that book, RALF‘s strain is listed as Saqlawi in accordance with the Registry.) Reba Troxell in New Jersey, RALF‘s owner and breeder, leased ALASKA from Charles and bred four Davenport foals 1962-65; of this line only BINT RALF has left Davenport descendants.

4. KAMIL IBN SALAN (SALAN x SCHADA) a 1951 bay Saqlawi-Jidran, was bred by H.B. Beauchamp and came into Fred Mimmack’s understanding hands in the mid-1960s. He sired twelve Davenport foals during the 1970s.

5. DHARANTEZ (DHAREB x ANTARAH) a 1947 grey Kuhaylan-Haifi and

6. NAHAS (KASAR x ANLAH) a 1947 chestnut Hadban-Inzihi, were bred by J.G. MacConnell and Hearst Sunical respectively. Their blood was preserved by the Deweys who acquired two Craver-bred mares, SILVIA and TYRANAH in addition to leasing others. As a result DHARANTEZ sired six Davenport foals, (including the influential sire DHARANAD), four bred by Charles and two by his owners. NAHAS sired one foal, BINT NAHAS.

The Mares of the “Second Foundation”:

1. DHARANAH (DHAREB x ANTARAH) a 1942 grey Kuhaylah-Haifiyah, bred by J.G. MacConnell. Of her seven Davenport foals, two were bred by Jimmy Wrench and one by Sullivan Ranch. Charles Craver bred the other four. Breeding stallions and producing families both descend from her.

2. DHAREBAH (DHAREB x ANTARAH) a 1947 grey Kuhaylah-Haifiyah, bred by J.G. MacConnell. Her ten Davenport foals, all bred by Charles Craver, include six influential full siblings by TRIPOLI, five of whom are still alive and producing. Her influence on the modern Davenport is legendary.

3. DHALANA (SALAN X DHARANAH) a 1950 grey Kuhaylah-Haifiyah, bred by Sullivan Ranch. Her three Davenport sons and two daughters, all bred by Charles Craver, have played a major role in the Davenport renaissance.

4. TARA (SALAN x ANTARAH) a 1950 chestnut Kuhaylah-Haifiyah, bred by Sullivan Ranch, produced twelve foals, of which five mares have established families in modern Davenport breeding.

5. EHWAT-ANSARLAH (KASAR x ANLAH) a 1948 chestnut Hadbah-Inzihiyah was bred by Hearst Sunical and bred by her owner Elizabeth Paynter to TRIPOLI on two occasions. (In 1970, she also produced a colt to PERICLES, bred by Bill Sheets.) What few Hadban-Inzihi Davenports still trace to her through her daughter TRISARLAH.

6. ANTAN (ANTEZ x GAMIL) a 1945 chestnut Saqlawiyah-Jidraniyah, was purchased from Bazy Tankersley in 1958. Charles bred five Davenport fillies from her, three of whom have bred on strongly. (He also bred her to the Doyle stallion SUBANI (GHADAF x IM GULNARE) producing the stallion SUTAN, an Al Khamsa sire-line still in existence today.)

7. ASARA (KASAR x BADIA) a 1949 grey Kuhaylah-Kurush, came to Craver Farms in 1959. Her two sons and three daughters have all bred on strongly, creating the Krush family of contemporary Davenport breeding.

8. MAEDAE (IBN HANAD x GAMIL) a 1952 chestnut Saqlawiyah-Jidraniyah, was bred by Margaret Shuey whose Sunny Acres Farm in N.C. produced many beautiful Davenport and part-Davenport horses. (The exquisite IBN HANAD was also the sire of Tsali who sired Tsatyr, a highly regarded broodmare sire among today’s show breeders.) While belonging to Frank Brewster, MAEDAE was bred to TRIPOLI and to TRIAN. Subsequently she was bought by the Mimmacks and produced three more Davenport foals, for a total of five. Her daughters MAEFAH and MOTH have both established important families, while her sons PRINCE HANAD and SIR MARCHEN have also bred on well.

9. DHANAD (HANAD x DHARANAH) a 1948 bay Kuhaylah-Haifiyah and

10. SARANAH (SALAN x DHARANAH) a 1949 bay Kuhaylah-Haifiyah, both bred by Jimmy Wrench, came to Craver Farms in the late 1960s and produced two foals each. Never established families, but each produced a stallion who has had major impact on today’s Davenport breeding. Through her son DHARANAD, DHANAD has been paternal granddam to thirty straight Davenports, and through her highly influential son IBN ALAMEIN, SARANAH has been paternal granddam to forty-six…at last count.