*Wadduda and what is a Davenport?

Jennifer Hagan asks:

I have a filly that is tail female to Wadduda through her daughter Moliah and Shikirah.
She is 10 generations from Wadduda.
Her sire is a son of Aladda Baskin.
I am wondering why it does not appear that Wadduda is a core Davenport horse.
Also – although I realize that my filly has some GSB and Egyptian SB in her, would she still be a “Davenport” because she is tail female to Wadduda?
And if I bred her back to a core Davenport stallion – would her offspring be Davenports?

Thank for any information you can provide.

*Wadduda 30

*Wadduda, as one of the original Davenport imports, is most definitely a “core” Davenport. My guess is that you went to our pedigree pages, checked the index for "W", and didn’t see her. The program which produces those indexes is was somewhat literal-minded; you will find *Wadduda listed under the "* and Other Characters" index — but this has since been fixed. [2014-02-16]

Now let’s talk about what we mean when we say a horse is a Davenport. The first sentence of the definition is “Davenport Arabian horses are descended entirely from the historic Davenport Desert Arabian Stud.” Another common term is “straight Davenport”. Of your filly, we would say she is tail female *Wadduda, or tail female Davenport, but since she has additional lines to non-Davenport sources, we would not call her a straight Davenport. We don’t usually talk about “core” straight Davenports; we do use “core” to describe certain foundational breeding groups within the straight Davenports.

Bred to a straight Davenport stallion, we would probably call your filly’s offspring Davenport+ (again, see the definition). Depending on your filly’s exact pedigree, such offspring might also qualify as CMK.

Hope this helps!

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